CCTV & Jetting

J&H Waterstop Utilities Inc uses the latest state of the art  CCTV equipment and can perform inspections of pipe from 4″ to 72″ in diameter.  Our technicians are PACP, MACP, and LACP Certified.  The camera is placed into the pipe, capturing actual line conditions and creating a video record of the conditions of the pipe.

When the inspection is complete, a customized data log containing a comprehensive pipeline profile & evaluation of reports with graphs and photos of identified problems are made in the form of a computer based DVD play back disk for your records.


J&H Waterstop Utilities, Inc. is capable of cleaning a wide range of pipe diameters. We have a powerful, high performance vacuum truck to clean underground structures such as pipe, manholes, curb inlets and lift stations. The vacuum provides the ability to blast away blockages with a concentrated stream of water. It can extract muck, debris, rocks, bottles and large volumes of water effortlessly from catch basins through it’s telescopic front mounted vacuum tube and easily dispose of waste properly.

J&H Waterstop Utilities, Inc. has a variety of cleaning & cutting attachments. We offer service line protrusion cutting, debris, grease and tree root removal.


Jetting Services